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Awesome articles

You've been invited to submit an article in an industry publication that your customers read.


This is your window of opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, and show that you're a leading specialist in your field of work.

However, you're either too busy to write the article, or you don't feel you'll do the article justice. 

If that's you, I can help. Let me give your writing a credible voice. I've written articles on a variety of topics, for a range of different publictions. Please ask to see my published work.

Winning website copy

Your website is the window to your business. It speaks volumes about your organisation and gives an impression to clients about who you really are.


And what's more, for some companies, their website facilitates a high volume of online traffic and sales transactions.


From construction companies and finance firms, to management consultants and illustrators - I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to make sure their website copy is spot on.

Pedantry proofreading

If you need a second pair of eyes to look at some copy, I can help.


Sometimes you can know a subject too well, or you're just so immersed in the detail - you fail to spot monster mistakes. Equally you might be too busy to pore over a wall of words. It's okay, it's what I do.

I can put on my pedant hat and hunt out errors - or perhaps you just want me to take a look at what you're doing from a fresh perspective? Whatever your requirements, it's something I love to do. 

Brilliant blogs

Blogs are so popular right now - and rightly so. They're an excellent way to connect with audiences in a personal and digestible way. I've literally written hundreds of them, for all manner of sorts, on all manner of things.

For example, I've written blogs for senior leaders - helping them to better reach out to their people. I've also written blogs to capture the spirit and essence of corporate meetings and events for delegates - as a reminder of the key messages they need to embed and sustain once they return to the workplace.

Aside from the sales leads they can deliver - blogs are amazing at establishing you as an expert in your field. They personalise your brand and they facilitate great conversations. 

Award-winning award entries

Whether you've been nominated for an award, shortlisted for an award, or you've actually won an award – it can do wonders for your business. 

It validates who you are, and gives you the perfect opportunity to shout your success from the rooftops, so your customers and stakeholders can see how brilliant you really are. And what's more, it does wonders for team morale.

But many businesses don't have the time, energy, or the skills needed to write compelling award entries that make your submission stand out, and wow the judges.

So, if you need help with this, it's something I enjoy doing and have a great track record in. If you'd like to see some examples of award entries I've written, then simply ask.

Nifty narratives

Any organisation, big or small, needs a strategic narrative. In other words, a story that describes who they are, what they're about and where they're going. Done in a compelling way, it can inspire employees, customers and stakeholders to emotionally connect with the business.

From a communications perspective, it also provides a framework for business owners and leaders to communicate consistent messages both internally and externally. 

I've worked with many businesses to create a single narrative that achieves the strategic clarity they've been longing for. 

Powerful product prose

You know your products are what your customers want and need - but you're finding it hard to do them justice with words. Fear not, I can help. Let me extol the features and benefits of your portfolio - wholly with your customers in mind.


The key is to keep the message compelling but simple. You're no doubt operating in a fiercely competitive market where people are time starved - so it's about choosing those words wisely. 

I'm particularly good at making the complex clear. That comes from years of working in the telecommunications industry - where I had to translate technology innovation into how it can change people's lives.

Stimulating storyboards

If you need to tell a story - whatever the channel - I can help. 

I've written storyboards for quite a few corporate events. And let's face it, many companies these days are watching their pennies, so when they do decide to get their people together - it has to be memorable and engaging. And I've created scripts that bring to life, often difficult to understand topics.


I've also written storyboards for animations and videos - whether it's to support a campaign or to communicate a strategy.

Compelling campaign copy

Campaigns tend to be short, sharp bursts of activity that have an immediate call to action. And that requires powerful and persuasive copy.

So whether you're trying to point out the the benefits of a product, or you're attempting to change the behaviours of employees - I've written for both.

I write for all channels - website copy, social media posts, brochures, posters, newsletters - you name it, I can do it.

Change communications

There isn't an organisation out there that isn't going through change.  And the reason? Customer expectations are increasing exponentially, technology presents everybody with new challenges, and sharp winds of competition are forcing businesses to adapt. But bringing your workforce with you, is the only way you can thrive - and it hinges upon the story you tell.


Let me work with you to bring to life the case for change for your people. Even thorny messages like changes to people's work locations can land effectively if they're done in the right way. 

Communications planning

Planning how to reach your audience is an essential step in any communications activity - but one that's often overlooked in the race to get the message out there.


Simply pausing to figure out what you're trying to achieve and how you're going to know when you've got there, is total common sense.

Let me work with you to decipher what you'd like to say, who you'd like to say it to - and what results you want. And together we can make sure your message lands.

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